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Simple Answers to Complex Medical Questions

“I will provide your client with simple legal answers to complex medical questions. I guarantee it.” - Greg Garland, Attorney

Attorney Greg Garland takes on a large number of referral clients from fellow lawyers. He appreciates the need to have a reliable source to turn to when advising a client about complex medical malpractice matters, and he can help your client understand his or her rights. Mr. Garland will fight aggressively to get your clients the results they deserve.

As a respected, experienced lawyer who specializes in serious medical malpractice injuries, attorney Greg Garland can successfully represent your client in these time-consuming, complicated cases. An established legal firm, Garland Law has the resources to handle even the most difficult medical malpractice claims, including those involving laparoscopic surgery malpractice, birth injuries home negligence, injuries as a result of the failure to diagnose a condition, and even instances of wrongful death. We are prepared to take any necessary steps to obtain just compensation for your client.

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