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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Medical Negligence

Medical negligence raises many questions for people who suspect a medical professional has harmed them. Lawyer Greg Garland has successfully represented medical negligence victims from Nebraska, Iowa, and around the country for many years. Here, Attorney Garland answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding medical negligence and related subjects. To discuss your specific medical negligence situation, contact lawyer Greg Garland.

Why choose Greg Garland – medical negligence lawyer in Nebraska?

Greg Garland began his medical negligence law practice in Nebraska in 1980. Attorney Greg Garland and his staff are proud of the work they do, as the problem of medical negligence unfortunately affects so many people. Mr. Garland helps these people receive the compensation they deserve under the law, often saving them from financial hardship the medical negligence would have otherwise caused.

Greg Garland handles medical negligence cases primarily in Nebraska and Iowa, but works with a network of attorneys in the other 48 states. This network allows Mr. Garland to provide outstanding legal representation for medical negligence victims throughout the country.

Contact Garland Law today to discuss your medical negligence situation.

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How do I schedule a consultation with Greg Garland?

Attorney Greg Garland will discuss your medical negligence case free of charge at his Nebraska office, or via the telephone for those who do not live in the Omaha, Nebraska area. To discuss your medical negligence case, send an e-mail or call402-330-7000.

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I suspect I've been the victim of medical negligence. What should I do?

Sometimes years pass before people discover that they are the victim of medical negligence. Medical negligence can often devastate a family, leaving them with emotional and financial burdens that are difficult or impossible to overcome without compensation.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been injured by medical negligence,contact Nebraska lawyer Greg Garland for a free evaluation of your case. Let Greg Garland fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Something went wrong during my laparoscopic surgery procedure. What now?

Unfortunately, medical negligence can occur during laparoscopic surgery. Bowel perforations, gall bladder damage, and cut blood vessels are examples of complications that may arise from laparoscopic surgery. If you suspect you or a loved one was harmed during a laparoscopic surgery procedure, contact medical negligence attorney Greg Garland in Nebraska to discuss your case.

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My doctor told me everything was fine but now I find out I’m seriously ill. Is my doctor at fault?

Failure to diagnose a medical condition can cause great damage to a patient and the patient’s loved one. By the time the mistake has been caught, often the disease has progressed to a stage where treatment is significantly more involved or, unfortunately, is no longer available. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a failure to diagnose medical negligence situation, contact Nebraska lawyer Greg Garland to schedule a consultation.

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