Families in Nebraska and Iowa can turn to experienced birth injury attorney Greg Garland for caring legal counsel.

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Serving Nebraska and Iowa – Dedicated Birth Injury Attorney

Few events are as traumatic for a family as an injury that occurs during the birth of a child. When a situation that is supposed to be joyous turns tragic as a result of medical negligence, residents of Nebraska and Iowa turn to respected birth injury attorney Greg Garland for help. Taking the appropriate action can help improve our health care system, so other families do not have to suffer the same pain and devastation.

Causes of Birth Injuries

A birth injury is often a complex matter and the cause of the birth injury may not be readily identifiable. Although not all birth injuries are a result of medical negligence, an obstetrician, gynecologist, or other medical professional that misdiagnoses a condition, fails to conduct a required test, or prescribes inappropriate medications may be held liable for their actions. Also, improper use of medical tools such as forceps during the delivery may be responsible for a birth injury. Failing to perform a caesarian section when necessary, or performing the caesarian negligently can cause a birth injury and give rise to a legal claim as well. Involving an experienced birth injury lawyer such as Nebraska attorney Greg Garland can be an invaluable asset in discovering the true cause of your baby’s injury.

Statue of Limitations in Birth Injury Cases

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations applies to a birth injury lawsuit, meaning that after a certain period of time, your legal right to compensation for this injury expires. For those in Iowa, Nebraska, and elsewhere, lawyer Greg Garland will handle the legalities that accompany a birth injury for you, allowing you and your family the time to grieve while also protecting your rights.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a birth injury, please contact attorney Greg Garland, serving families in Iowa and Nebraska, to discuss your case.

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